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Machinery CE certification

All machinery and equipment that need to be exported to the EU need to apply for CE certification. If you want to sell in the EU market, you have to affix the CE certification mark on the product. CE certification can be said to be a mandatory certification of the EU. The CE certification of machinery and equipment is based on the MD Directive. The accurate meaning of the CE certification is that the CE mark is a safety conformity mark rather than a quality conformity mark, and is the main requirement that constitutes the core of the European directive.

1. About the core requirements of the Machinery Directive

Under the predetermined conditions of the manufacturer or manufacturer, all machinery that operates in accordance with the regulations cannot cause injury to people during operation, debugging and maintenance, and the structure of the machinery must ensure its proper function. Therefore, measures must be taken to eliminate all accident risks during the expected life of the machinery (including during assembly and unloading), including accident risks caused by predictable abnormal conditions.

2. Mechanical CE certification standards

CE certification for metal cold processing machines

EN692: Mechanical Press

prEN693: Hydraulic bending press

CE certification for printing and paper machines

prEN1010: printing machine

prEN1034 paper machine

CE certification for rubber and plastic machines

EN201: Injection molding machine

EN289: Compression and die casting mould machine

EN422: Blow molding machine for the production of hollow products

EN1114: Extruder and extrusion line

EN1417: Double Roll Mill

EN1612-1: Reactive molding machine

CE certification for packaging machines

EN415-1: General requirements

EN415-2: Pre-formed rigid packaging machine

EN415-3: Forming charging and sealing machine

EN415-4: Palletizer and Unloader

EN415-5: Packing machine

EN415-6: forming aggregate packaging machine

EN415-7: Tightly assembled unloading machine

CE certification for food processing machines

EN1678: vegetable cutter

EN1974: Slicer

Leather machine CE certification

EN972: Reciprocating roller machine

EN930: Rough purification polishing and finishing machine

EN931: shoe last machine

prEN1035: movable countertop machine

EN1845: shoe molding press