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EU REACH standard

EU REACH standard

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The REACH standard is to make chemical information transparent, so as to achieve the purpose of protecting the ecological environment and our health. The REACH standard is a legal provision for preventive management of all chemicals entering EU member states, especially household products.

Registration, under what circumstances do I need to register? All chemical substances with an annual output or import volume of more than 1 ton need to be registered, and chemical substances with an annual output or import volume of more than 10 tons should also submit a chemical safety report.

Evaluation, evaluation can be divided into two types. 1. File evaluation to verify the completeness and consistency of the registration documents submitted by the company. 2. Substance evaluation refers to the confirmation of the risk of chemical substances harming human health and the environment.

Authorization, authorizes the production and import of chemical substances with hazardous characteristics such as CMR, PBT, vPvB, etc.

Restriction, if it is deemed that the manufacture, placing on the market or use of a certain substance or its configuration or product has caused the risk to human health and the environment to be insufficiently controlled, its production or import in the EU will be restricted.

In the regulations, the main scope of chemical substances to be registered includes:

1. Independently existing substances or substances in preparations with a quantity ≥ 1 ton/year/person;

2. The unregistered content (weight ratio) of the upstream supplier ≥ 2% and the total amount ≥ 1 ton/year/person in the form of monomer units or chemically bound substances in the polymer Body or other substances;

3. The total amount> 1 ton/year/person and substances in articles that are intentionally released under normal or reasonably foreseeable use conditions (substances in articles);

4. The total amount> 1 ton/year/person. The Chemicals Bureau has reason to suspect that the substances in the articles that will be released from the articles and such releases are harmful to the human body or the environment, the Chemicals Bureau may require registration.

The purpose of REACH standard certification:

1. Submit hazardous chemical information

2. Assess and manage the harmfulness of chemicals

3. Register the chemical product for all purposes

4. Encourage the development of the following industries

5. Substances less harmful to health

6. Substances less harmful to the environment

7. Support EU authorities to take quicker action on the risks and harms of chemical use

8. Improving the competitiveness of EU chemical companies will be a good medicine for economic development

9. Develop methods for evaluating hazardous substances

10. Ensure the free circulation of substances in the EU internal market

REACH certification process:

1. Project application 3354 submits an application to the inspection authority

2. According to the data preparation-requirements, the company prepares relevant certificates

3. Product testing-the company sends samples to the laboratory for testing

4. Prepare the report based on the test data passed by the certified engineer

5. Submit audit-engineer fills out a complete report for review

6. After the 3354 report is verified, the certificate will be issued.