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What is MSDS safe shipping instructions

What is MSDS safe shipping instructions

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What materials do I need to prepare for the preparation of MSDS safe transportation instructions? Does the MSDS report have a validity period? You may not know what MSDS is when you mention it. Lihang will show you the MSDS report today!

MSDS is often translated into chemical safety instructions. In fact, MSDS is the English abbreviation for Material Safety Data Sheet. It is a comprehensive regulatory document on the characteristics of chemicals provided by chemical production, trade, and sales companies to downstream customers and the public as required by law. It provides sixteen items including physical and chemical parameters, explosive properties, health hazards, safe use and storage, leakage treatment, first aid measures, and related laws and regulations.

Which regulatory standards does the compilation of the MSDS Safe Transportation Manual comply with?

Before making an MSDS report, the compliance standards must be determined according to specific requirements. MSDS compilation standards and languages ​​vary according to usage. The MSDS of general chemical substances should be prepared according to the specific requirements of the country where the product is imported.

At present, when my country’s hazardous chemical manufacturers and importers register hazardous chemicals, the State and provincial safety production supervision administrations require companies to follow the "Chemical Safety Technical Specification and Item Sequence" (GB/T16483-2008) and "Chemical Guidelines for the preparation of safety technical specifications (GBT 17519-2013) and other standards to compile GHS classification of chemical substances.

The MSDS regulations implemented by major international countries are as follows:

United Nations version: United Nations [0x9a 8b];

EU version: EU REACH regulations and CLP regulations;

Chinese version: China GB/T 16483-2008, GB/T 17519-2013 and GB30000. X-2013 series standards

Japanese version: Japan JIZ Z 7253:2012 standard;

US version: US HCS-2012 standard.

Canadian version: Canadian Hazardous Product Declaration 2020 (HPR regulations);

New Zealand version: New Zealand Hazardous Substances and new Organisms ACT 1996 (HSNO Act).

What materials need to be prepared when compiling the MSDS safe transportation manual?

1) Determine product category

Product categories can be simply divided into four categories: chemical substances (substances), chemical substances (mixtures), battery products, commodities

2) Provide product information

Provides information about products that indicate chemical substance names. If it is a substance, you must provide the chemical name or common name, American Chemical Abstracts table (CAS number) and other identifiers. If a substance is classified as a hazardous chemical according to the GHS classification standard, the chemical name or general name, concentration or concentration range of all hazardous components should be indicated, including impurities and stabilizers that affect the hazardous classification of the substance. Note: If the product is not pure, physical and chemical data, toxicology data and ecological data can be obtained through experiments.

If the classification result of the product needs to be carried out through related further experiments, the experiment must be carried out before the relevant data can be obtained.

MSDS must provide all components (percentages) of the product and ensure the reliability and accuracy of the information.

The relevant MSDS regulations do not have clear requirements for commodity products, but more and more customers require commodity MSDS. When providing product information, the commodity needs to provide product configuration and the configuration of each component.

3) Provide corporate information

The supplier’s name, address, phone number, emergency number, fax, and email address must be displayed.

Note: Distributors can provide information on entrusted units or production units or suppliers.

24-hour emergency call, "Hazardous Chemicals Catalog (2020 Edition) Implementation Guide (Trial)" (General Administration of Work Safety No. 53) has clear requirements. MSDS is used for hazardous chemical registration and emergency calls should be provided in strict accordance with the requirements of management methods.

Does MSDS report have a validity period?

There is no clear expiry date for MSDS/SDS. But MSDS/SDS is not static. In the following cases, the content of MSDS/SDS needs to be updated in time:

The substance/group/ratio of the product targeted by the MSDS has changed.

The basis and requirements of MSDS have changed.

The products targeted by MSDS have discovered new harmful properties.

MSDS has new data or knowledge on toxicological information/ecological information of substances.

Do you need to fill in the MSDS safe transportation manual for no hazardous chemicals?

At present, there are no dangerous chemicals in China that do not need to compile MSDS, but the potential effects are only discovered after many years of use, and they are likely to become irreversible toxicity. In addition, almost all chemical substances in foreign countries require MSDS. Therefore, it is recommended to create MSDS for chemical substances that are not hazardous to the company, which will have unnecessary impact on the future.

In addition, MSDS (SDS) plays an important role in the export of enterprise products. High-quality chemical products are equipped with high-quality MSDS (SDS), which can create more sales opportunities. It is an effective corporate image promotion. Making MSDS (SDS) can enable Chinese chemical products to enter the international chemical market smoothly, improve the international competitiveness of products, and improve the healthy competition of corporate brand and product specifications.