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IP dustproof and waterproof detection

IP dustproof and waterproof detection

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what isIP dustproof and waterproof detectionIntroduction? Why are these tests carried out? Today we will learn about IP dustproof and waterproof detection.
The product range of IP dustproof and waterproof testing mainly includes: shell protection test, dustproof test and waterproof test.

Shell protection test

Carrying out enclosure protection testing can help us understand and evaluate the enclosure protection reliability of various electrical product enclosures and seals under harsh environmental conditions such as dampness, dust, diving, and water spray. This can not only test and prove products and components Whether the working performance of the product will be damaged in these environments, and it can also provide corresponding protection requirements for the human body to prevent the removal of dangerous parts. Shell protection test is also called IP waterproof rating test.

INTERNATIONALPROTECTION is the full name of IP dustproof and waterproof testing, which means the affirmative protection level of international certification.

Dust test

In the natural environment we live in, there is a harsh environment full of dust and sand. At this time, the important factor for the safe operation and life of the equipment is the sealing ability of the equipment. Dust test is used to determine the range of product resistance to dust, and is often used to test the protection ability of electronic and electrical products in dust environment. Our dust-proof laboratory has domestic and imported various types of testing equipment, which can carry out various levels of dust-proof test items to meet the dust-proof level assessment requirements of products in various industries.

The dustproof IP rating is an important indicator of safety protection, and the IP×× rating standard recommended by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is adopted. In the grade standard, the first × in IP×× represents the protection grade against solid foreign objects. It is represented by 0-6 respectively. Different dustproof ability has different grade. For details, please refer to the following description to select

water-proof test

With the provision of quality of life, people's requirements for electronic products are constantly increasing. Products may be invaded by external moisture during storage, transportation or use, causing damage to the products. Therefore, the waterproof performance of electronic products has gradually received widespread attention. Waterproof testing is often used to test the operation of electrical and electronic products and materials under flushing conditions.

Different waterproof ability, the grade is different. There are 9 protection grades for the waterproof grade, adopting the IP×× grade standard recommended by the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC). In the rating standard, the second × in IP×× indicates the degree of protection against liquids. Expressed with 0-8 respectively, IP×0: no protection.