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Lithium battery MSDS safety transportation manual report processing

With the improvement of people's quality of life, more and more electronic products are needed in life, and batteries are indispensable for the normal operation of electronic products. Today we come in to learn about flammable and explosive materials lithium batteries.

Lithium batteries are prone to explosion when they are not noticed in the process of transportation and are very dangerous. Therefore, whether they are transported by sea or air, they will be required to produce UN38.3 reports and MSDS.

MSDS can provide 16 items including physical and chemical parameters, explosive properties, health hazards, safe use and storage, leakage disposal, first aid measures, and related laws and regulations. MSDS is a chemical safety technical specification, which is a comprehensive legal document related to the characteristics of chemicals provided to customers by chemical production or sales companies in accordance with legal requirements.

The MSDS safety shipping instructions for common lithium batteries are usually completed within 3 working days if the customer provides samples and complete information, which takes a lot of time.

How to handle the MSDS report of lithium battery?

Lithium battery MSDS reports can be prepared by the manufacturer in accordance with relevant rules. If the factory lacks chemical engineers, the MSDS report can be processed through Shenzhen Yibo Testing Company.

Do I need to provide samples for lithium battery MSDS?

The MSDS report does not need to provide test samples but must complete the report product composition ratio.

What information do I need to submit when applying for an MSDS report for lithium batteries?

The certification application form should be filled out in accordance with the relevant requirements, and then sent to a third-party testing agency (Yibo Testing) after the completion, and the engineer will seal it after confirming that it is correct. Secondly, it is necessary to submit the product manual of the lithium battery, the original description of the parts, and the relevant materials of the lithium battery manufacturer.

What is the specific process of applying for MSDS report for lithium battery?

1. Evaluate the battery MSDS certification price and time

2. Fill in the special application form for battery MSDS

3. Return the contract and remittance slip

4. Prepare the report in accordance with the battery MSDS certification requirements

5. Issue battery MSDS report

How long is the validity period of the battery MSDS certification?

The battery MSDS certification does not require a period of validity. If the battery MSDS certification test standard is not officially revised, the original battery MSDS certificate can be valid for a long time.

Is there a factory audit for battery MSDS certification? Are there other follow-up costs?

Generally, the battery MSDS certification is different from the CCC certification and UL certification. It does not need to be inspected every year, only the safety test of the product is required, so there will be no annual fee or maintenance fee.