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Machinery certification and EU CE certification

The sales performance of a company in the EU market is directly related to whether the company’s products are affixed with the CE mark. Machinery sold in the EU market must be affixed with the CE mark, which means that the product complies with EU safety regulations, hygiene, environmental protection and consumer protection, etc. The requirements expressed by a series of European directives.

CE-MD Machinery Directive, which is a mandatory certification for machinery products in Europe. For machinery, there are two instructions for most mechanical operations: machinery instructions and low voltage instructions; except for individual equipment, only machinery instructions are required. Once completed, if your product meets the basic requirements, your technical structure file will be edited, the CE mark will be officially applied, and market entry will be guaranteed.

The machinery products and safety parts in Appendix IV of the Machinery Directive are classified as dangerous machinery. Machinery can be divided into ordinary machinery and dangerous machinery in the EU. Service agencies must do EC type testing, which requires relatively strict requirements.

Which products are applicable to machinery regulations? The ring-connected components have at least one moving part regulator, control and main circuit; material processing, processing, handling, and packaging; several mechanical joint operations, interchangeable equipment; harm not involved in the low voltage directive other directives Not involved; machinery products that meet any of the above conditions are applicable to machinery regulations.

The specific cost of CE certification depends on the product, because the size of the machinery is generally large, the function is relatively responsible, and it needs on-site testing by engineers, so it will be more expensive than ordinary consumer electronic products. Want to know what materials need to be prepared for mechanical CE certification? The process of mechanical CE certification? How to apply for mechanical CE certification? Welcome to inquire about Lihang Testing.

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