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Fcc certification needed for export to the United States

Fcc certification needed for export to the United States

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If your products want to be exported to the United States, then FCC certification is one of the certifications that need to be done for export to the United States. FCC certification can be said to be a compulsory certification in the United States. In order to ensure that products comply with relevant technical standards and retain test reports, manufacturers or merchants importing and exporting products from the United States must ensure that the necessary tests are carried out in FCC-approved laboratories. FCC has Claim manufacturers to provide equipment samples or product testing data. FCC controlled products mainly include AV, IT, radio products, etc. The product needs to pass the FCC registration audit (FCC Listing) laboratory test. After obtaining the test report, organize the product technical information, including: product detail photos, circuit diagrams, schematic block diagrams, user manuals, etc., and send them to the FCC approved together with the test report The issuing agency reviews and approves. After confirming that all the information is correct, the certificate is issued and the applicant is authorized to use the FCC ID.

As long as the electronic products entering the United States must be certified for electromagnetic compatibility (except for some products specifically specified in the relevant clauses), this is stipulated in the relevant parts of the United States Federal Communications Regulations (CFR 47), and the three more commonly used certifications The methods are: Certification, DoC, Verification. The certification methods and procedures of these three products are quite different, and the certification methods that can be selected for different products have related regulations in the FCC. The strictness of its certification is decreasing. For these three certifications, the FCC committee also has related requirements for each laboratory. At present, the United States has become my country's second largest trading partner for several consecutive years. The trade volume between China and the United States is increasing year by year. Therefore, exports to the United States should not be underestimated. The rigorous technical standards and import regulations of the United States are number one in the world. Understanding the rules of American market access will help Chinese products further open the American market.

The equipment and products that use radio frequency devices are imported under the control of the FCC. E.g:

Radio reception and transmission equipment, radio remote control toys, telephones, personal computers, and other products that may harm personal safety, etc., must be tested and approved by government-authorized laboratories according to FCC technical standards if they want to be exported to the United States. Importers and customs agents must declare that each radio frequency device complies with FCC certification standards, that is, FCC license.

FCC certification is divided into three types: Certification, Doc, Verification, which can be understood as FCC has different levels of control for different products.

The first type: Certification, products with radio transmitters must obtain FCC certification (infrared transmitters are not within the control range). The method is that the laboratory approved by the FCC submits the test report to the FCC or TCB (telecommunications certification body) for review by the FCC, or the TCB ID number will be issued after approval.

The second type: Doc, common products include IT products, microwave ovens, energy-saving lamps, ballasts, etc. DOC is the abbreviation of Declaration of Conformity, but unlike CE, CE has no qualification requirements for laboratories issuing compliance reports. FCC's DOC must be accredited by NVLAP CODE (National Laboratory Accreditation System) or A2LA (American Laboratory Accreditation Association) When the laboratory obtains the report, it must indicate NVLAP CODE or A2LA in the DOC report, otherwise the report will be deemed invalid. Please note: You can also apply for the ID of DOC products, that is, you can also be certified.

The third type: Verification, common products include audio and video products. A test report issued by a DOC accredited laboratory is sufficient. Please note that products used for verification cannot apply for IDs, and they will not be accepted even if they are sent to the FCC or TCB. In addition, FCC certification determines the division of products according to their functions. Note: The FCC DOC report must be issued by the laboratory that has obtained the NVLAP CODE or A2LA. The NALAP CODE must be indicated in the DOC report, otherwise the report will be "invalid". It should be: FCC's DOC report must be issued by a laboratory that has obtained NVLAP CODE or A2LA CODE. The NVLAP CODE or A2LA CODE must be indicated in the DOC report, otherwise the report will be deemed invalid.