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The main directives of CE certification

The main directives of CE certification

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What is a ce certificate?

Which product range needsCE certification?

To understand these, you first need to know that the CE certification contains some instructions. A very important concept is mentioned here: "Directive". The so-called "Directive" (English name: Directive) refers to the technical regulations that stipulate the basic safety requirements and methods of products. Each manual is for a specific product category, so you can understand the specific product range of CE certification by understanding the meaning of the manual. Lihang has compiled some common CE directives for everyone. The main instructions of CE certification include the following:

1. Low Voltage Directive (LVD; Low Voltage Directive; 2014/35/EU)

Description: Mainly for AC 50 V-1000 V and DC 75 V-1500 V electrical and electronic products

2. Electromagnetic compatibility directive (EMC; electromagnetic compatibility; 2014/30/EU)

Mainly for electronic and electrical products that generate electromagnetic interference on internal circuit boards

3. Machinery manual (MD; Machinery Directive; 2006/42/EC)

Mainly used for mechanical products equipped with power system

4. Description of personal protective equipment (PPE; personal protective equipment; 89/686/EEC)

Mainly for devices worn on or carried by people to prevent one or more health and safety hazards.

5. Construction Products Directive; Construction Products; (EU) 305/2011)

Mainly used as building materials in building construction

6. Pressure Equipment Directive (PED; Pressure Equipment Directvie2014/68/EU)

Mainly for products such as containers, pipes, safety parts, pressure parts with a maximum pressure greater than 0.5 bar.

7. General Medical Device Directive (MDD; Medical Device Directive; 93/42/EEC)

Mainly for general medical device products

8. Toy manual (toy; 88/378/EEC)

Mainly used in toy products

9. Explosion-proof instructions (ATEX; 94/9/EC)

Mainly for products used at the scene of an explosion accident.

10. Yacht Directive (RCD; leisure craft; 94/25/EC)

Mainly used in yacht products

11. Elevator manual; 95/16/EC)

Mainly used in elevator products

12. Radio Equipment and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive; 99/5/EC)

Mainly used for radio equipment and telecommunications terminal equipment